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YouTube plugin

This DokuWiki plugin creates a link and embed a YouTube movie in an Wiki page. User can embed movies by just inputing a movie ID with a simple syntax.

:!: This old code won't be maintained anymore. Use other plugins 'vshare' or 'youtubev2' :!:

How to use

You can display a YouTube movie by setting the 'command' and the 'ID' code. You can align the movie object by using whitespaces before/after brackets.

{{youtube>(command):(ID code)|(title)}}

search?q=small%3AMJj5XWQHUFE&btnI=lucky Commands

link Displays a link icon only.
small Displays a small YouTube movie.
large Displays a large YouTube movie.

ID code
You can find the ID code in the YouTube site.

You can define a title of movie by putting on a pipe '|' after ID. It's optional.

Use white spaces for alignment of YouTube movie object. Syntax is same as images.

default {{youtube>small:XXXXXX}}
right {{ youtube>small:XXXXXX}}
left {{youtube>small:XXXXXX }}
center {{ youtube>small:XXXXXX }}



<float right300> Syntax

**Link only**\\ 
{{youtube>link:MJj5XWQHUFE|Moving atoms at variuous temp.}}


{{youtube>small:MJj5XWQHUFE }}
{{ youtube>small:MJj5XWQHUFE|This movie is aligned to right.}}

<- Aligned left\\ 
\\ \\ \\ 
Aligned right ->


Link only
search?q=link%3AMJj5XWQHUFE&amp;btnI=lucky Moving atoms at variuous temp.


search?q=small%3AMJj5XWQHUFE&amp;btnI=lucky This movie is aligned to right.

← Aligned left

Aligned right →



  1. Download and extract it.
  2. Upload the extracted 'youtube' folder to /lib/plugins/ directory of your DokuWiki.


<float icon(compass)>

</float> <clear/>


  • 2008.4.5
    • Enable to set a title of movie
  • 2008.4.4
    • Alignment of object was implemented. (Thanks, Aleksej!)
  • 2008.3.21
    • Vulnerablity(XSS) was fixed.
    • Icon image was included.