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Jmol plugin for DokuWiki

This DokuWiki plugin displays 3D-molecular models by using Jmol Java applet. The plugin loads PDB files from 'pdb' namespace.

:!: This plugin is no longer maintained. :!:

How to use

<float right> <jmol ala.pdb.gz 200 200></jmol> </float> Use 'jmol' tag and put the filename of a PDB file inside of it. You can set the size of applet after the filename.

<jmol (filename) (width) (height)>
  ... Jmol scripts ...


  1. Download and extract the (7.7MB)
  2. Upload the 'jmol' directory to your server at /lib/plugins/

The latest version can read PDB files from anywhere.

Download jmol ver.11 or later from the sites below.


  • 2008.3.16
    • Vulnerablity of XSS was fixed.
  • 2007.12.08
    • Enabled reading {{XXX}} format.
    • Enabled placing PDB file anywhere.
    • Fetch URL configuration is no longer neccessary.