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AutoViewer plugin

This DokuWiki plugin displays a Flash application, AutoViewer from AirTight. It displays several JPG images with some controler buttons.

:!: Development discontinued :!:

The AutoViewer display a slideshow by reading XML file containing URL of image source, width, height and caption for each images. However, this plugin don't need XML code for a slideshow. So you can display a slideshow with a minimal syntax.

:!:Notice that this plugin requires 'cache_plugin' to cache intermediate XML files that are stored in aviewer namespace.


<aviewer (max-width) (max-height) (left/right/noalign)>
…Image list seperated by line-feed…

Use <aviewer> tag to begin. Max-width and max-height are sizes of a slideshow. Images will be automatically resized to max-height or max-width for a correct dimension of each image. Syntax of image list is identical to that of DokuWiki's image file.

You can also use namespaces of image files.


<aviewer 320 240> Flowers Flowers Blue sky flowers </aviewer>


<aviewer 320 240>
{{computer:en:phm10_0651.jpg|Blue sky}}

Other options

<aviewer clear_cache></aviewer>Remove all cached XML files
<aviewer remove_dir></aviewer>Clear and remove cache directory


Administrator can configure default settings of AutoViewer.

Sizes Default viewer width, Default viewer height, Frame width, Frame padding
Align Default alignment for a flash slideshow. left/right/noalign
Colors Default background color, Frame color of a image
Speed Display time for auto-play(sec)
Other Allow right-click


Be careful that this plugin needs two extra sources, 'cache plugin' and 'AutoViewer'.

  1. Install 'cache plugin', if you haven't installed yet.
  2. Download and extract Extracted folder is named 'aviewer'.
  3. Upload aviewer to your DokuWiki's /lib/plugins/ directory.
  4. Download and extract Flash application from AutoViewer.
  5. Put the 'autoviewer' of Flash application folder into /lib/plugins/aviewer/ directory.


<float icon(compass)>

</float> <clear/>


  • 2008-07-03
    • All images in a specific namespace are selectable.
    • Alignment function available (left/right/noalign)
  • 2008-05-14
    • Bug fixed - not existing JpegMeta class
  • 2008-04-05
    • First version uploaded.